DEESS brand culture

In this era of rapid development, in this fast-paced city (beautiful Shenzhen)! 

Enjoying a slow life and spending two or three hours in a beauty salon for skin care is a bit luxurious for white-collar workers. 

It's not that the cost is too high, but the time is too precious.

Therefore, in 2003, GSD product designers began to get involved in the research on the miniaturization of beauty equipment, 

that is, the research on home beauty equipment, and differentiated the sub-brand DEESS. 

DEESS, a moving name that symbolizes the goddess, the purpose of DEESS is to provide you with beauty services 24 hours a day, 

allowing you to enjoy beauty salon-level skin care anytime, anywhere.

At present, DEESS's main products are hair removal devices, micro-current beauty devices and radio frequency beauty devices. 

The hair removal device series is DEESS's signature product. In this series, we strive for perfection, constantly upgrade and iterate. 

In terms of product safety performance, our products have been approved by the US FDA and are the most difficult certification for medical devices to pass the Oscar.

What we want to do is not only the best-selling products, but also the quality and reputation products. 

At present, our products have been exported to foreign countries and have received strong international recognition. 

In the future, I believe we will go better and have more brand influence.


  • Technological innovation is the foundation of enterprise development
    Technology makes beauty eternal

    Core Value

  • Provide global synchronization technology
    Healthy and fashionable beauty lifestyle

    Corporate purposes

  • Quick response and standardized operation
    Effective follow-up and continuous innovation

    Business philosophy

  • With the passion of entrepreneurs
    In a happy mood
    Invest in our business with a grateful attitude

    Service philosophy