Why do women like collagen? What is its charm?


Everyone needs to supplement collagen. What are the functions of collagen?

① Moisturizing: Collagen contains a hydrophilic natural moisturizing factor, and the triple helix structure can lock moisture strongly, keeping the skin moist and supple at all times!

② Nourishment: Active collagen has strong permeability to the skin. It can combine with skin epithelial cells through the stratum corneum, participate in and improve the metabolism of skin cells, and strengthen the collagen activity in the skin. It can maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum moisture and fiber structure, improve the living environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissues, enhance blood circulation, and achieve the purpose of moisturizing the skin.

③ Skin-lightening: The luster of the skin depends on the water content, and the good water retention capacity of collagen makes the skin moist and shiny, giving off a healthy glow.

④  Firming: When collagen is absorbed by the skin, it fills between the dermis of the skin to increase the tightness of the skin, produce skin tension, reduce pores, and make the skin tight and elastic!

⑤  Anti-wrinkle: The plump collagen layer in the dermis supports the skin cells, combines the effects of moisturizing and wrinkle suppression, together to achieve the effect of relaxing rough lines and diminishing fine lines!

⑥ Repair: Active collagen can directly penetrate into the bottom layer of the skin, and has a good affinity with surrounding tissues. It can assist cells to produce collagen and promote the normal growth of skin cells. At the same time, active collagen itself also has anti-inflammatory and skin renewal effects


The important role of collagen determines its indispensable nature for anti-aging purposes. Therefore, there are various skin care products related to it on the market, and a series of products such as collagen masks, creams, eye creams, and essences have been widely used. Favored by female users, they all want to use the collagen contained in the product to replenish the lost collagen in the skin, so that the skin can regain a firm and shiny state.

However, in fact, only relying on the collagen contained in skin care products cannot allow the skin to directly absorb and replenish collagen. After all, skin care products can only act on the surface of the skin and cannot really penetrate into the bottom of the skin because the effect is still not obvious. If you want the skin to truly restore the fullness of collagen, it is necessary for the skin to realize the natural regeneration of collagen in the body, so that the skin can return to its original state from the inside to the outside, smooth, firm and elastic.


DEESS Home Micro-Current Eye Device, a beauty device that promotes collagen regeneration through micro-current, and a beauty device that allows you to become beautiful and younger.

Why can DEESS Home Micro Current Eye Device promote the natural regeneration of collagen? Because it can use micro current to stimulate facial muscle contraction, improve muscle tension, activate cell function, promote natural regeneration of collagen, effectively repair fibrous tissue, restore skin elasticity, and achieve facial contour shaping, firming skin, and diminishing fine lines. Whitening and moisturizing effects allow the skin to start from cell regeneration, in-depth and comprehensive, to achieve true collagen regeneration.


At the same time, the micro current can stimulate the movement of the orbicularis oculi muscle, accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, and achieve the effects of diminishing dark circles, single bands, and eye lines.


Such a practical beauty device not only promotes the natural regeneration of skin collagen, but also helps you quickly eliminate dark circles and eye lines, and easily solves loose skin, dull complexion, eye lines, and neck lines. Wait for skin problems to make your skin glow again.



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