Bought a hair removal device and don't know much about it? DEESS helps you how to play…



    (What kind of experience is it like to have many and long hairs)

Especially summer shorts, skirts, sleeveless T-shirts, and camisoles... are all pains that bloated stars dare not try.

Shaving knives, hair removal cream, beeswax, etc. are indeed immediate results, but as long as the hair follicles are still there, the small black stubble will appear again in two or three days. Going to the hospital for hair removal, the expensive price of tens of thousands, and not everyone can afford it.

But now, the above problems are solved, this super affordable home hair removal device can help you!

Laser hair removal can be said to be the only effective and permanent method of hair removal recognized by the medical community. Through selective light and heat, the melanin in the hair follicle absorbs energy, destroys the hair follicle, and then the hair will fall off and get rid of the root.

The same principle applies to household hair removal devices, using IPL pulsed light with a relatively safe wavelength of 400~1100nm. At the same time, the filter of the flash port can cut unnecessary wavelengths and reduce skin irritation.

When you use it for hair removal, you won't have the burning sensation of hair removal in the hospital, instead it will be a very mild feeling.



The hair removal effect is very obvious the first time it is used.


Long-term use can maintain the effect of hair removal, body hair will become less and less, even if there is newly grown hair, it will be fine and sparse, and the color will be very light and light, and there is no hair at all. Camisoles, short skirts and shorts can be worn casually, and the armpits, arms, and calves are also boldly displayed! Go to the beach on vacation, no body hair troubles, satisfy your careful wish to wear nice swimsuits and take beautiful photos!

This home hair removal device has passed the authoritative certification of CE, ROHS, 3C, CNAS, CMA and other institutions, so it can be used with confidence. Just follow the steps in the manual and pay attention to the safe operation. In less than a month, the body hair that has troubled you for many years will disappear visibly.

At the same time, there are 5 levels of intensity adjustable. It is recommended to start with level 2 for the first use and increase the level after gradually adapting.


It is also small and can be held with one hand. It is convenient for girls to remove hair with one hand, and can be easily put in a bag. It does not take up space when traveling.

Those who like it, hurry up and get one for yourself! You can wear beautiful skirts again in the coming spring!


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