GSD2021, New Journey, Start Again


In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, everyone's life plans were disrupted, and everyone's plans had to be pushed back and forth. They were pushed until 2021, which is about to usher in, and they were not fully completed.

Although this year has prevented us from climbing to the pinnacle of life, it will never stop us from a heart full of enthusiasm, not afraid of hardships, and hardworking.


Twenty years of living up to its youth and twenty years of hard work, GSD has made ingenuity with its original intentions, made quality with professionalism, and achieved brilliance with innovation! Over the past two decades, GSD people have been sweating hard work, sticking to their original aspirations and mission, breaking the notion that equipment is more dependent on foreign imports and consumers are more trusting in imported products, realized the localization of medical beauty technology, and successfully created one of the most influential brands in the medical beauty industry!


2021 is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of GSD! From 2001 to 2021, everything is changing and growing. GSD has been walking in the forefront of the industry and has successfully set a new benchmark in the international medical aesthetics industry. In the past 20 years, GSD has always insisted on using the power of technology to infiltrate the essence of beauty into every cell, every inch of skin, and every tissue, to achieve a beautiful life with technology.

20 years of quality forging

The company has been deeply involved in the industry for 20 years, and GSD has achieved amazing achievements. GSD has hired global experts, professors and clinicians in medicine, biology, physics and other disciplines throughout the entire project cycle. With its excellent product quality and professional technical team, GSD has won many certificates and honors. These honors make GSD stand at the forefront of the medical beauty industry.

As a full-process beauty service that aims to provide global synchronized technology, healthy and fashionable beauty lifestyles, GSD not only leads the industry in scientific research and innovation capabilities, but also covers skin laser beauty departments and technology beauty clubs. It has multiple domestic There are more than one thousand flat terminal operating stores, and there are many branches and skin laser research centers overseas.

As one of the earliest companies involved in the medical aesthetics industry in China, GSD has always participated in academic forums and conducted in-depth interpretations and discussions with many experts and aesthetic enthusiasts on the cutting-edge knowledge, new technologies and new developments of the medical aesthetics industry. For 20 years, GSD has always adhered to the cooperation with the world's leading raw material suppliers and the most authoritative technology research and development institutions to ensure that product research and development are in line with the world's advanced technology.

                                        * our footsteps are all over the world *





20 years of strength witness

GSD has always been at the forefront of the times with innovative moves, with an international strategic vision, introducing first-class technology, integrating the world's top medical aesthetics resources, so that beauty seekers can enjoy international medical aesthetics services without going abroad. Many GSD projects have obtained FDA, CFDA, CE and other certifications, reaching the industry's international first-line level. Adhere to the cooperation with domestic and foreign first-line skin medical beauty experts, lead the industry with superb technology, set industry benchmarks with craftsmanship and virtue, use strength to precipitate industry influence, and lead China's medical beauty industry to achieve "healthier, safer and more standardized" Sustainable development shows the true charm of GSD to the society.


Technology-driven, leading the development of the beauty industry

With the multi-dimensional integration of economy, culture, etc., the aesthetics of Chinese people have also changed from single to multiple. GSD is based on the concept of traditional oriental aesthetics and technological innovation, with an inclusive, open and inclusive attitude, and advocates non-invasive, non-surgical medical methods to directly maintain, repair and reshape the beauty of the human body, becoming a weather vane leading the aesthetics of the Chinese people.


2021 is a year beyond GSD and the starting point of a new journey

20 years of continuous innovation and 20 years of persevering in quality have created countless beautiful faces. Twenty years along the way, we have been recognized, known and trusted. Twenty years of hard work, never forgetting to start again. In the 20 years of GSD, not only beauty, but also social responsibility, promote the development of the medical beauty industry, and create countless wonderful lives. In the future, GSD will shoulder more expectations and responsibilities, provide consumers with better services, and strive for the rise of the medical aesthetics industry. In the future, GSD will still focus on becoming the creator of healthy, beautiful and fashionable, and achieving new brilliance.

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