2021: Are the beauty devices used by all kinds of stars really useful?

  • I have been paying attention to skin care since high school. Over the years, I have spent a lot of money on my face. I have tried most of the beauty instruments on the market.

  • I have checked a lot of information before, and if you put it together in your own words, you can understand the home beauty instrument as a reduced energy version of the medical beauty instrument. Unlike the medical beauty instrument, the beauty instrument can be safely operated within the home.

  • As for the efficacy, most of the home beauty devices I have used are between medical beauty and skin care products. In other words, as long as they are bought right, home beauty devices are better than ladies' anti-aging products.

  • There are several main principles of beauty instrument, radio frequency type, LED light type, EMS micro current type, iontophoresis type.

  • Radio frequency:

During radiofrequency action, a critical temperature of 65-75°C is generated in the deep layer of the dermis and the fiber interval in its deep part, while a temperature of 38-45°C is generated in the epidermis. The fiber shrinks under the action of energy to achieve the purpose of tightening the skin, and at the same time, it can also promote the self-repair of the skin.

In addition, tissue thermal injury can initiate the body's wound healing response, stimulate the generation of fibroblasts, and promote the formation of new collagen. The proliferation of collagen can make skin wrinkles shallow, smooth and elastic by increasing its volume. Radio frequency beauty equipment can improve wrinkles and tighten skin.

  • LED light category:

The "red and blue" in medical aesthetics and LED light beautician go out in the same house.

Red light can promote collagen regeneration, promote cell metabolism, and increase skin elasticity by heating.

Blue light can oxidize the metabolite porphyrin of P. acnes, thereby improving acne-prone muscles.

The role of green light is to regulate the glands in the skin tissue, whitening and brightening.

Yellow light increases elasticity, promotes facial rosy, and dispels yellow gas.

  • EMS micro current type:

The principle is electrical impulse muscle stimulation, which stimulates the skin and subcutaneous tissue through a small amount of electric current, so that the muscles contract, blood circulation and metabolism are accelerated, and the energy can reach the dermis.

Iontophoresis type:

This usually occurs in facial cleansers, which use the principle of iontophoresis, which uses a weak current to deliver charged biologically active ingredients to the body. In medical aesthetics, these active ingredients are generally specially formulated and applied to the home. On the beauty instrument, the effect of using your own skin care products is uncertain.

How to choose a beauty instrument? The most important thing is fit and safety, and of course, the price/performance ratio.

  • If you want to choose, radio frequency is definitely a must.

The principle and effect of radio frequency are very clear, and it has been proved by scientific experiments that there are enough Amway clinically and the most authoritative research data.

DEESS's 2021 model of GP520 beauty instrument combines radio frequency, red light, yellow light and micro current, which meets the different needs of skin anti-aging, brightening, and contour lifting to the greatest extent. The most important thing is the fool-like operation, which is very convenient, and it is very convenient to charge.



I use the radio frequency function and LED light the most. I can see the obvious effect in four or five minutes on the face. After using it for a month, my skin has become much tenderer, and there are significant changes in the nasolabial folds, apple muscles, and jaw line.

In addition, the function of EMS micro-current is very easy to use to reduce edema. There should be many people who stay up late or eat hot pot like me, their face will be swollen the next day, so you really have to try this function! Immediately! The speed of light works!

In general, home beauty equipment is still worth the investment. Of course, the prerequisite for good results is to insist on using it. If you fish for three days and spend two days on the net, you will be in vain no matter how expensive it is!

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