[Anti-primary aging] Is it an IQ tax?


This question is a philosophical question. It depends on how you understand it.


From the perspective of skin care, it is very important and extremely correct to start anti-aging skin care work before the signs of "aging" are obvious. But if you follow this topic and advocate that everyone use certain products, especially use some "high-performance" products beyond your needs, then it is really an IQ tax. This truth is just like what we said when we talked about sunscreen, everyone should sunscreen, but sunscreen is not the same as sunscreen, and it will not be the same as if you dont need super-high sunscreen such as SPF50, you have no sunscreen. Life is a philosophy...


The skin care motto we have summarized for more than 20 years is for you to practice on your own:

Cleansing, Moisturizing, Protecting, Fit, Appropriate, Moderate.


Here, there are three levels of skin care gradients, which are also mentioned before:

Prevent - Supplement - Promote


More than ten years ago, when we popularized the basic theory of skin care, we said that everyone should fully understand the true meaning of skin aging. The skin is a dynamic structure, we often say - a brick wall structure, which everyone understands as a wall. but! This wall is not dead, just like a wall in real life, he is a dynamic one. Those who have their own metabolism, construction, and repairs are in a dynamic state. Whether your skin looks old or not is a consequence of this homeostasis. When the strength of your skin's own regeneration and repair cannot keep up with the speed of its own "aging", the dynamic balance is manifested as aging. Remember this concept first. From such a simple explanation, it should be easy for everyone to understand.


First of all, if you are particularly young, even I can say young age. Really a lot of very young friends who used to be around 20 and now even have 17/8 years old or younger. My first consideration for these people is not whether they need to age, but whether their skin condition has reached true sexual maturity. These young friends, to a certain extent, can say that the skin is not mature and stable. The rate at which you are born may be far greater than the rate at which you age. Don't be greedy and foolish in this situation. Whether it is a "supplement" formula that provides building materials, or a "promoting" formula that stimulates new life like A-alcohol, it is not necessary and cannot be accepted by the skin. If you use it, it can be considered a waste, or even counterproductive. Don't be brainwashed for these super-young children above. Its good to do the basics. If you pay special attention to choosing basic sunscreen, some great products that are simply similar to VC derivatives or some mild antioxidants are good for preventive maintenance. Don't be greedy for high performance. Your skin is vibrant on its own, even before it reaches its peak of vitality.


In fact, for those who have passed the peak and started to age. The speed of new life may not keep up with the speed of aging. Choose as needed. Don't shoot it is a high-concentration material, and the mechanism is also a gradual transition from the "supplement" type to the "stimulation" type. The specific time point, that age point is very embarrassing. Many people will care about how old I am, and I want to start this anti-juvenile work. In fact, anti-aging is a lifetime thing. Do it from the moment you want to skin care. Just follow the needs of the skin condition, and do basic cleaning, moisturizing, and sunscreen first as preventive care. Each of these three sections is done according to your specific needs, and then on the basis of these, you need anti-aging. Advance from the principles of supplementation to stimulation promotion. It's not that you start aging at 25 and you have to use it. It depends on your own situation: some people are in good condition, maybe 25-year-olds dont need A-alcohol and polypeptides, and a simple VC essence plus daily care is enough. Some people may have prematurely aged skin in their 20s (exceptionally).


For long-term anti-aging, in addition to necessary skin care products, beauty equipment is also an important auxiliary tool. Anti-aging beauty equipment with professional technology and safety guarantee on the market is the first choice for anti-aging, generally radio frequency and micro-current technology, which can promote the collagen and muscle layer in human skin. For example, the latest RF micro-current beauty instrument of the DEESS brand uses RF technology combined with micro-current technology to safely and effectively stimulate collagen regeneration, and at the same time stimulate the muscle layer to contract, so as to rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

It should be noted that beauty and anti-aging is a woman's lifelong career, and it is not enough to hold the mentality of achieving it overnight. We need to persevere and persevere to keep ourselves elegantly beautiful all the time.


Author: Sherck/Pricilla

Reference link: https://www.zhihu.com/question/397846444/answer/1773745354

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