What's the beauty future


Natural selection, survival of the fittest, Darwin's classic phrase in the theory of evolution. 

This sentence is suitable for all creatures in nature, and of course it is also suitable for 

market laws. In a large environment, only the strong who adapt to environmental changes 

can survive, and the survival of the fittest is the eternal truth. In the past two years of rapid 

development of beauty equipment, there are many problems in the market. Only by carefull

y observing the market, discovering problems, and finding the vane of industry development, 

can we be invincible in the competition.

Some beauty experts believe that in the future, the beauty equipment industry will be 

concentrated in large companies, and the living space of small companies will be compressed 

until they are ruined. Indeed, large companies are strong, whether it is capital or talent. 

However, according to the author’s observation, there is a certain difference between 

these. In fact, beauty instruments of various grades of high, middle and low have their 

own living space, and it is not necessarily “big” that is “good”. So how will the beauty 

equipment industry develop?

Based on the author's observation over the past two years, the following comments and 

judgments have been made on the development of the beauty equipment industry in the 


1. Low-end beauty equipment is going to die out.

With the development of the times, the requirements for science and technology are 

getting higher and higher. This is also reflected in the beauty equipment industry. In the 

future, more and more high-tech products will be used in beauty equipment, and products 

with low-end quality certificates, poor results, and no actual technology will be eliminated. 

This is no longer an era in which a company can only be supported by sales gimmicks. 

Therefore this also warns our production companies that they must master core technologies and continue 

to develop and specialize.

2. Home beauty equipment will rise rapidly, occupying a considerable market share.

According to market surveys, home beauty equipment has begun to rise, occupying a considerable 

portion of the market share. With the improvement of living standards, this piece of cake will 

become bigger and bigger. Compared with the beauty equipment used in beauty salons, home 

beauty equipment has the advantages of small products, simple use, convenient carrying, and 

high technical content. You can make a small beauty at home, which is more attractive to ordinary 

office workers. More popular. Therefore, in the next few years, home beauty equipment will be a focus 

of investors.

3. The operation of large-scale beauty equipment will be simplified.

The beauty industry will tend to buy simpler operating equipment. For beauty salons, it is not a simple 

matter to train a person who can operate beauty equipment, and it is also necessary to find ways 

to retain people. If the equipment is too complex, the requirements for talents will be higher, which 

will also increase the pressure on the beauty salon invisibly. If the heat that is finally cultivated cannot 

be retained, it will bring great losses, so Equipment with simple operation will be greatly welcomed. 

The energy spent by the beauty salon on the cultivation of talents will be greatly reduced.

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