Back to the girl muscle must have, 25-year-old "anti-aging", are you ready?


For women, the weight of the word "frozen age" is more important than anything. If you can have a youthful face, no matter how much you give, you will be willing.

It's just that the traces of time can always creep up on the face.


The sagging face can be seen at a glance. This sagging face skin care product cannot be saved. You start anti-aging from a few years old, and your skin stays at a few years old.


As the age grows, anti-aging generally starts from five aspects: activating cells, anti-ultraviolet 

radiation, removing excessive free radicals, moisturizing and repairing the skin barrier, reducing 

the influence of external and internal factors on the skin, and making the skin lasting young.

Therefore, anti-aging is not a homework that starts when you have obvious crow's feet and nasolabial 

lines on your face. Its main function is to delay aging, so the earlier you do the anti-aging homework, the better.


The peak state of female skin is between the ages of 16 and 22. Basically, the peak has passed since the age of 23-25. At this time, the traces of youth have begun to decline. This is why people often say that prevention should be taken from the age of 25. Aged, because at that time will no longer be young.

RF beauty, as a technique of micro beauty

It can improve the sagging skin and make the skin firm and smooth again

We all know that the radio frequency beauty technology uses this to heat the skin by causing the water molecules in the skin to vibrate, friction and heat, which leads to a series of changes in the skin.


When the collagen in the skin is heated to a certain temperature, the helical structure of the collagen fibers will change and contraction will occur immediately. This is the reason why the skin will be firmed and lifted immediately after radiofrequency treatment.


The key to RF anti-aging is how to heat collagen?

You know, collagen is generally located at 2.6~3mm under the skin. If an external heat source is used for direct heating, there will be two problems.

Inability to penetrate the epidermal basal melanin barrier

Will scald the epidermis


In fact, for people around 30, the priority of the anti-aging sequence is:

Firming & lifting> skin texture> wrinkle removal> filling.

Usually wrinkles and sagging in this age group can be relieved by tightening and lifting.

For freezing age, ordinary people must correct a concept: freezing age ≠ staying 20 years old, 

relying on medical beauty to be 5 to 10 years younger than the actual age, is scientific anti-aging,

 which is enough to be proud of their peers.

Lift-effectively lift sagging skin tissue, the youthful effect can be seen immediately;

Sculpting-reposition the sagging apple muscles, improve the double chin, and create a refined contour

Tightening-Continuously tighten the skin from the inside out to resist aging;

New-Continuously stimulate the regeneration of collagen, rejuvenate and beautify the skin.

微信截图_20210222142036.jpgReposition and tighten sagging facial tissues, lift them, and promote collagen formation to achieve multiple functions such as preventing aging, removing wrinkles, correcting sagging, and smoothing wrinkles and depressions.


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