• DEESS beauty skin scrubber GP532

    DEESS beauty skin scrubber GP532

    skin grinding and deep cleaning; ion nutrition; lifting;
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  • GP520


    It is OK for you to choose EMS for lifting up face, improving contour; RF RED LED: shrinking pores, skin tightening, removing wrinkles; YELLOW LED: improve dark skin, improving skin elasticity, whitening skin.
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  • GP550 Home EMS Beauty Device

    GP550 Home EMS Beauty Device

    This device with EMS technology has professional results rival effects in beauty salon, it is small and exquisite, portable and mobile, secure and cosy. The personalized energy adjustment can achieve excellent effects such as facial lifting, neck care, eye care, tightness and wrinkle reduction, whitening and moisturizing.
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  • Mini RF beauty device GP519

    Mini RF beauty device GP519

    This device combines Radio Frequency and LED to achieve three functions: skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, eye care. It is designed with flexible dual heads and LCD display for easy and smart operation, and multiple international safety certification prove it is a kind of safe treatment.
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  • GP588 Home IPL device

    GP588 Home IPL device

    The device is with 3.1cm² lamp of long life over 350000 flashes, it has lifetime reminder function, working mode include stamping and sliding two types, top material of ABS+PC guarantee long time use.
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  • GP582 IPL home beauty device

    GP582 IPL home beauty device

    There are 4 lamps changeable: two hair removal lamps both have 350000 shots, large hair removal lamp with 4.5cm² area and unit energy is 2.7-4.5J/cm², while small hair removal lamp with 2.0cm² and unit energy is 2.1-3.6J/cm² ; skin rejuvenation lamp and acne clearance lamp both have 95000 shots and with 4.5cm² area; Besides, the device has skin tone sensor inside. 有四个探头,大小脱毛探头均是35万发,大探头面积4.5cm²,小探头2.0cm²;嫩肤、淡痘探头均是9.5万发自带皮肤检测仪能量大探头2.7-4.5J/cm²,小探头2.1-3.6J/cm²
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