GP550 Home EMS Beauty Device

  • Facial lifting, neck care, eye care, tightness and wrinkle reduction, whitening and moisturizing

  • Small and exquisite

  • Portable and mobile

  • Secure and cosy

  • Personalized energy adjustment

If you give DEESS beauty instrument a chance to love you, you will feel that you are the happiest princess around the world.


Time is the most ruthless thief, stealing all the original appearance, while beauty instrument is a puppy of time, keep all the youth of the good.


When you are studying nervously for the test,

When you are staying up for a working project,

When you are experiencing insomnia but the next day there is an important appointment,


Dark eye circles, terrible eye bags, rough dry skin, swelling face... are following you.


When phones pick up all your attention and make you a heads-down tribe,

When season changed, you give too little care to maintain your body or ignore part of it,

When long-term same posture makes you

When you care about your face and ignore neck, the neck wrinkles make you elder than your look, when you recognize it, it is too late...

Is it too late?

NO, It is never too late to take care of your beauty!

With DEESS Microcurrent beauty instrument GP550, as time goes by, your beauty is eternal!


What is DEESS Microcurrent GP550?


DEESS is a son-brand of global GSD company, which is concentrated on home use beauty instrument. Using Microcurrent technology to stimulate facial muscles contraction, DEESS GP550 improves muscle tension, activates cell functions, promotes natural collagen regeneration, effectively repairs fibrous structure, accelerates blood circulation and lymph circulation, thus remove extra water, toxin and pigment from interstitial space. So that it can achieve: shaping contour, slimming face, tightening fine lines, whitening and watering, eye caring and neck caring, etc.


Whom is suitable for?

Suitable for: Someone with poor cervical lymphatic circulation, neck fine lines, sagging facial muscles, unclear facial contours, dry skin, dark skin, dark eye circles, eye bags, eye fine lines, sagging corners of eyes


What is its main functions?

1. Shape facial contour

2. Neck care: reduce neck fine lines, promote lymphatic circulation

3. Skin tightening & Wrinkle Reduction

4. Remove facial edema

5. Eye care: lift canthus, reduce black eye circles and eye bags, reduce wrinkles around eyes

6. Whitening & Moisturizing 


How often shall we use it?

10 treatments a cycle, one day per treatment


Instrument details

Instrument name




Main functions

1.Shape facial contour; 2.Neck care: reduce neck fine lines, promote lymphatic circulation; 3.Skin tightening & Wrinkle Reduction; 4. Remove facial edema; 5.Eye care: lift canthus, reduce black eye circles and eye bags, reduce wrinkles around eyes; 6.Whitening & Moisturizing


2 years

Working mode

Pulsed operation

Input power(max.)


Input Voltage

100-240VAC; 50Hz/60Hz

Pulse width

90-130 microsecond

Net Weight





Appliable certificates: CE, ROHS, PSE


Device photos:




1. Is this instrument safe?

Clinical studies proved this is a kind of safe treatment


2. Why have occasional spinule feeling in operation?

DEESS Microcurrent beauty instrument by micro added to skin cell biological micro electric current, activate eye cells, when the cell is not active or where there is acne or skin damage will have spinule feeling, so we should avoid operating in acne and skin damage.


3. Can this device use for facial?

Yes, it can use for eye and facial and neck.


4. Can this device use in charge?

No, when charging, there is no power output, power operation after charging.


5. Can use for upper eyelid?

Ban on eyelid operation, to avoid irritation.


6. How long can see its effect?

It depends on detailed functions, for example, when you need it for removing facial edema or stay-up eye bags, you can see its effect easily, when you need it for neck or facial skin care, it needs your long-term beauty care.


Beauty care is a long-term project for people, with time goes by, DEESS Microcurrent beauty instrument GP550 is always with you and makes your beauty eternal!

GP550 Home EMS Beauty Device

Functions: facial lifting, neck care, eye care, tightness and wrinkle reduction, whitening and moisturizing

Brand: DEESS

Model: GP550 pink

Working mode: EMS (micro current)

Cleaning way: no water to wash

Manufacturer: Shenzhen DEESS Technology Co., Ltd.

Power supply: chargeable 

Suitable area: recommend for face and neck

Color type: pink★gift box

After-sale service: store warranty

Package type: official standard accessories