*professsional hair removal and skin rejuvenation same as in hospitals

*improve skin tone and skin texture

*even skin tone around lips eyes nose

*reduce sunburn and freckles

Unlimited light pulses(at least 1.5 million effective pulses) -√

Fast pulse per 0.95 seconds -√No side effects and improves skin tone -√ Stamp and automatic modes for small and large area easy using.-√

super ice cooling system built in the device -√

Long-term usage thanks to its Quartz Tube + Sapphire -√

Talent heat-removal system -√

UV protected treatment glasses -√ Corded for continuous treatment -√ Suitable for woman and man -√ Suitable for face and body -√

4 safety systems -√Skin contact sensor -√ Auto-shut off -√ Energy level lockout -√ Over-heat protect system -√

super IPL penetration
effective and super strong enough to remove beard
highest energy can achieve 21.53J
super painless - Max pain feeling of 322.92J = pain feeling of  normal ice cooling device 8.88J, which can be ignored

Light wavelength: 510-1100nm

Energy density: 2.8-4.8J/cm2

Spot size: 4.04cm2

Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Output: 24VDC, 4A

Operation environment: 

temperature: 5-30°C(36-90°F)

Humidity: 25%-75%RH

Warranty: 2 years

Package list: main device+adapter+user manual+UV glasses+warranty card+gift box+paper carton