IPL  (intense pulsed light)

  1. Permanent hair removal (>510nm)

  2. Skin rejuvenation (>560nm)

  3. Acne clearance (>410nm)

Treatment window: 3.1cm2

Level energy: 8.88-14.88J

1. high grade ABS&PC material, quartz lamp and intelligent integrated board for long time use

2. automatic skin sensing and protect system

3. stamp and automatic flashing mode

4. LCD display, unlimited energy flashes

5. separate cooling system

6. triple functions' UV filter changeable

Mark: OEM only

Product specification:

Net weight: 950g

Size: 28.8*18.8*14.5cm

CTN size: 61.6*42*37.4cm (8 pcs)

Voltage: 100-240VAC

Spot size: 3.1cm2

Package: gift box + CTN